About The Keystone Research Center

The Keystone Research Center was created to broaden public discussion on strategies to achieve a more prosperous and equitable Pennsylvania economy.

As a research and policy development organization, the Keystone Research Center conducts original research, produces reports, and promotes public dialogue that addresses important economic and civic problems, and proposes new policies to help resolve those problems.

Established in 1996, Keystone operates through the collaborative efforts of Pennsylvania citizens drawn from academia, labor, religious and business organizations. Rather than simply outlining Pennsylvania's problems, the Keystone Research Center is dedicated to using research and collaboration to propose workable policy alternatives.

While some research organizations focus on building abstract models divorced from socioeconomic reality, Keystone grounds its work in the knowledge and experience of managers, workers and others who are active participants in the economy. Careful case studies combined with quantitative analysis lead to practical recommendations for creating a better Pennsylvania.

Over the two decades, the Keystone Research Center has become a leading source of independent analysis of Pennsylvania's economy and public policy.

Job Openings 

Quantitative Analyst / Labor Economist


Keystone Research Center Funding

The Keystone Research Center receives funding from a variety of sources. The bulk of all funding comes from foundation grants for Keystone projects and for the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center (PBPC), Keystone's tax and budget policy project. Funding also comes from Keystone's Annual Dinner fundraiser, fee for service work, and individual and union contributions.

Support the Keystone Research Center

The work of the Keystone Research Center is funded by grants from charitable foundations and other organizations, research contracts and contributions from individuals like you.

Your contribution will help Keystone continue to provide up-to-date independent analysis of Pennsylvania's economy and public policy. The Keystone Research Center is a 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions to Keystone may be deducted for federal income tax purposes.

To learn how to make a contribution to the Keystone Research Center, visit our contributions page.

Contact the Keystone Research Center

You can contact us by calling 717-255-7181 or by sending a message here.

You can mail us at:

Keystone Research Center
412 N. 3rd Street
Harrisburg, PA 17101