Keystone Research Center Response to Senate Passage of SB 166

Date of Press Release: 
February 8, 2017

HARRISBURG – Following the Senate passage of SB 166 (ending automatic payroll deductions), Stephen Herzenberg, Executive Director of the Keystone Research Center, made the following statement:

“SB 166, passed today out of the state Senate, is yet another policy that would result in lowering the pay of middle-class Pennsylvanians. On its face, the rationale for this legislation is patently dishonest. Payroll deduction costs the state nothing. Beyond that, the so-called 'paycheck protection' legislation is a partisan arrow directed at working Pennsylvanians. On issue after issue, organized labor fights for the middle class – for a higher minimum wage, for health care for all, for fairer taxes, for  the goods—education, infrastructure, and human services—that benefit the vast majority of citizens. By weakening organized labor, supporters of this legislation promote an economy and a state rigged even more against regular Pennsylvanians. It’s the exact opposite of what people voted for last November and exactly the wrong direction for the state.”