STATEMENT: Keystone Research Applauds Wolf Plan to Raise PA Overtime Threshold

Would Benefit Nearly Half a Million Pennsylvania Middle-Class Workers

HARRISBURG – Earlier today, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf announced that his administration would introduce regulations to lift the salary threshold below which Pennsylvania salaried workers would automatically receive overtime pay. In response, Keystone Research Center Executive Director Stephen Herzenberg issued the following statement:

 “We applaud Gov. Wolf’s decision to restore the 40-hour work week for lower-paid Pennsylvania salaried workers and to make sure those workers get paid fairly when they do work overtime. The Governor’s action, recommended last year by KRC, could benefit roughly half a million Pennsylvania workers. These workers are currently paid as little as $10 for each hour they work – including as supervisors in fast food, department managers in discount stores and office managers. Good employers, such as Altoona-based Sheetz, recognize that salaried workers paid decently will repay their employers in loyalty, productivity and service. While Gov. Wolf waits for state lawmakers to act on his proposal to raise the Pennsylvania minimum wage, he is right to do what he can for hard-working Pennsylvanians without the legislature. In a similar situation, President Trump had a chance to fight for higher pay for 12.5 million salaried employees nationally, but is expected instead to propose a lower overtime threshold, benefitting millions fewer workers and costing U.S. workers over a billion dollars each year so far.