Pension Primer #2: Paying More For Less

Stephen Herzenberg
Publication Date: 
February 26, 2013

Cost of New Employee Pensions Will Rise with Defined Contribution Plan, Undoing 2010 Savings for Taxpayers

Keystone Pension Primers: As Pennsylvania policymakers, media, and citizens evaluate Governor Tom Corbett’s pension proposal unveiled February 5, 2013, the Keystone Research Center will release a series of short “pension primers” to demystify the often complex details at the heart of the pension debate. This is the second installment in that series.

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Governor Tom Corbett’s plan to establish 401(k)-type retirement accounts for future state and school employees would increase the taxpayer cost of pensions for new employees by a third—1% of payroll. As more new employees are hired each year, the portion of payroll subject to this increase would grow, adding an estimated $5 million in costs each year until the annual cost eventually reaches $179 million per year, $112 million of which would be paid by school districts and get passed onto local property taxpayers.

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